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Soap flakes 1kg Fleur De Coton, LS

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Soap flakes are made from 100% pure vegetable oils. It is especially excellent for hand washing and washing in the washing machine, all textile materials, especially delicate ones, such as children's clothes, silk, lace, wool and the like.

1. Recommended dosage: put 3 tablespoons of flakes in 2 liters of boiling water. Shake well. It is used as a traditional liquid laundry (in the washing machine or for hand washing). Put 75ml-100ml of liquid laundry soap into the detergent compartment of your washing machine or into the dosing ball located directly in the drum.

2. option how you can use soap flakes: put one spoon or a pinch of soap flakes in the drum. They dissolve very easily in warm water +40C.

Categories: Washable
Scent: Cotton flower
Weight: 1000g
Country of origin: France

Ingredient:Sodium palmate, Sodium cocoate, Sodium palm kernelate, Aqua, Palm kernel acid, Limonene, Fragrance, Sodium chloride, Glycerin, Sodium hydroxide, Tetrasodium edta, Citral, Linalool