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Liquid detergent 3L, Douceur Naturelle, LS

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The master soap makers who designed this detergent revived the memory of washing machines and developed a liquid Marseille soap formula enriched with sodium bicarbonate that overcomes even the most stubborn stains while preserving the softness of clothes with the largest number of fibers.

100% natural. 100% vegetable oils. Without dyes and without synthetic additives. Without chemical additives.

Instructions for use (3L container designed for approximately 45 washes.

Water hardness

Water hardness

Water hardness

1 dose = 30 ml for a 4-5 kg ​​machine
Medium hard
Slightly soiled laundry
1 dose
 1 + 1/2 doses
2 doses
Dirty laundry
1 + 1/2 doses
2 doses
2 + 1/2 servings
Very dirty laundry
2 doses
2 + 1/2 servings
3 doses
Categories:For washing
Scent: Clean laundry
Weight: 3L
Country of origin: France
Ingredient:Baking soda, fragrance, soap 15-30%. Linalool, citronellol, alpha-hexyl, cinnamaldehyde, limonene, geraniol, eugenol, benzyl salicylate.